API Portal and APIs FAQ

  • What is API?
    An API (Application Programming Interface) is a interface of an application which allow other applications to communicate with it. The APIs on this Portal gives developers a chance to enhance their own applications with the functionality provided by Income. To get an overview of what functionalities are available, please refer to our API Catalog.
  • How do I access or use the APIs?
  • What are the terms & conditions to use the APIs?
    You can find the terms & conditions here. By accessing and using the API Portal and/or the APIs, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions. Please read them carefully.
  • How do I report a bug or request for a new feature?
    Please post a message at our Forum or send an email to APIAdmin@income.com.sg.
  • What is OAuth2.0?
    OAuth 2.0 is an open protocol to allow secure authorisation in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications. To get an access token for the API, you need to understand how OAuth 2.0 works. For more information, please refer to our API Authorisation guide (accessible after login) or official OAuth 2.0 website.