Getting Started

Only 8 simple steps to get your innovations up and running
  1. Browse the Available APIs

    Take a look at our APIs to see what choices are available. Is there an API you can use in one of your applications? Use our APIs to enhance the functionality of your application.

  2. Sign Up

    Found an API?

  3. Activate and Login

    After you activate your account and login to Income Developer Portal, you will be able to view the detailed documentation and specifications of the published APIs.

  4. Register Your App

    Before you can use an API, you have to register your app (or website). After your app is approved, you will be assigned a unique client ID and client secret. You must identify your app (or website) with this client ID when you call an API. Check the API Authorisation Guide for more details.

  5. Build Your App

    Use your creativity to integrate our APIs into your own app or website. You will be given details on accessing our sandbox APIs. Sample codes will be available upon request.

  6. Test Your App

    Experiment with our APIs in our sandbox before going live. Don't worry about messing up because it is just a sandbox.

  7. Upgrade Your Account Plan

    After your app is registered, you will be automatically assigned a Starter Account Plan. The Account Plan determines the number of API calls that your app (or website) can make and which APIs you can access. To use our production APIs or advanced APIs, you need to request for Account Plan upgrade. You will be able to view the details of available Account Plan after you sign up. Think about what you need and choose the most suitable Account Plan for your app.

  8. Go Live

    Launch your app (or website) and go public. Let everyone know, and tell your story in our Discussion Forum.